TableĀ 1

Glossary of terms

Team scienceEntails team members with training and expertise in different health profession fields working together to combine and integrate their knowledge, skills, and perspectives into single research projects that are clinically focused
IPEOccurs when learners of professionals from two or more health professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective clinical collaboration to improve health outcomes by delivering the highest quality of care
Continuing professional educationStructured educational activity(ies) designed and intended to support the ongoing development of health professionals to maintain and enhance their competence in providing the best quality of care
Evidence-driven patient careEntails integrating clinical expertise with current best available clinical evidence from well-designed systematic research
Transdisciplinary scientific knowledgeScientific research collaboration that entails the exchange of information, altering discipline-specific approaches, sharing resources, and integrating disciplines to generate new knowledge
SciTSIs the understanding, management, and evaluation of team science conditions, collaborative processes, and outcomes to enable translation of research findings into new scientific knowledge, advances, clinical practices, and policies
Collaborative research practiceOccurs when researchers from more than one health-related profession engage in scientific inquiry to jointly create and disseminate new knowledge to clinical and research health professionals in order to provide the highest quality of patient care to improve population health outcomes
  • IPE, interprofessional clinical practice and education; SciTS, science of team science.