Table 1

Effect of statins in different cancer therapy strategies

Type of cancerMajor findings
ER-negative breast cancer (stage I breast cancer)Using fluvastatin (80 mg/day) for 3–6 weeks before surgery decreased tumor proliferation and increased tumor apoptosis in only high-grade tumor78
Glioblastoma multiformLong-term prediagnostic statin (simvastatin) use may improve survival following glioblastoma multiform6
Extensive-disease small-cell lung cancerThe addition of simvastatin (40 mg daily) to irinotecan and cisplatin may improve the outcome of heavy smokers extensive-disease small-cell lung cancer79
Small-cell lung cancerPravastatin 40 mg combined with standard small-cell lung cancer therapy, although safe, does not benefit patients80
Prostate cancerUsing statins decreased advance prostate cancer risk81
Brain metastasis tumorsThe addition of simvastatin 80 mg/day did not improve the clinical outcomes of patients with brain metastasis receiving whole-brain radiation therapy82
Different types of cancersPatients aged 45 years or more and discharged from the hospital alive after admission for acute myocardial infarction after using high dose of statins show lower risk of cancers83