Table 1

Clinical and biochemical profile of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia, divided accordingly to the prevalence of vascular clot events

VariablesPatients with new clotsPatients without new clotsP value
(n. 14)—mean±SD(n. 28)—mean±SD
Age (years)68.1±16.162.3±15.2NS
Male gender (%)9379NS
Body mass index (kg/m2)27.0±3.026.7±4.1NS
Diabetes mellitus (%)1411NS
Arterial hypertension (%)6443NS
Hyperlipidemia (%)2129NS
Actual smoking (%)2107NS
Obesity (%)2914NS
History of CVD (%)2114NS
White blood cells count7470±33009080±4400NS
Platelets count (×103)145±65227±1420.04
C reactive protein (mg/dL)151±88105±79.3NS
NIV (%)78.675.0NS
  • COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019; CVD, cardiovascular diseases; NEWS2, National Early Warning Score 2; NIV, non-invasive ventilation at least in a day during the in-hospital stay.