Table 4

Agreement (sensitivity, specificity) with netrin-1 to predict incipient DN

AUCP value95% CICut-offSensitivitySpecificity
Incipient DN (microalbuminuria) versus T2DM (normoalbuminuria)
 Serum netrin-1 (pg/mL)0.812<0.001*0.7150.886>1626084.4
 Urinary netrin-1 (pg/mg creatinine)0.916<0.001*0.8390.964>72077.884.4
 Combined netrin-10.938<0.001*0.8670.978
Overt DN (macroalbuminuria) versus incipient DN (microalbuminuria)
 Serum netrin-1 (pg/mL)0.939<0.001*0.8680.978>25086.793.3
 Urinary netrin-1 (pg/mg creatinine)0.931<0.001*0.8570.973>14508095.6
 Combined netrin-10.958<0.001*0.8930.989
  • Cut-off was chosen according to Youden’s index.

  • *Significant at p<0.05.

  • AUC, area under the curve; ;DN, diabetic nephropathy; LL, lower limit; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus; UL, upper limit.