Table 3

Selected demographics and risk factors for COVID-19 in patients with AIH stratified by fibrosis level (n=346) according to symptoms consistent with COVID-19

Symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illness
Cirrhosis (n=78)No cirrhosis (n=268)
Yes (n=14)No (n=64)P valueYes (n=29)No (n=239)P value
Age at survey completion (years) (mean, SD)48±1252±130.2851±1353±120.39
Age at AIH diagnosis (years) (mean, SD)39±1442±150.4843±1546±130.31
Female gender93%86%0.4897%93%0.42
Income (<$50,000/year)42%28%0.1021%20%0.98
Current immunosuppression
 Any steroids64%52%0.3934%37%0.81
 Other than steroids79%87%0.3993%82%0.13
 No medications0%5%0.417%6%0.83
Doctor adjusted immunosuppressive medications in anticipation of pandemic0%0%n/a3%2%0.77
House contacts with COVID-19 symptoms29%0% 0.0001 41%3% 0.0001
Stay at home orders followed (most of the time)93%94%0.13100%96%0.74
Occupational factors among those with jobs during stay at home orders
n=4 n=26 n=13 n=113
Close, frequent contact with coworkers or customers75%31%0.0938%30%0.54
Interaction with more than 5 customers per day50%54%0.6751%46%0.84
Interaction with more than 5 coworkers per day50%71%0.4377%76%0.47
Work contacts with COVID-19 symptoms25%75%0.6331%18%0.26
Worked in healthcare setting25%11%0.4631%17%0.22
Stay at home orders followed (most of the time or more)75%88%0.30100%92%0.52
  • Bold values are considered signficant (P value < 0.05)

  • AIH, autoimmune hepatitis; n/a, not applicable.