Table 1

Demographics and selected characteristics of patients with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) in the study cohort (n=420)

Study participants
Age at survey completion (years)52±13
Age at diagnosis of AIH (years)45±15
Race (%)
Fibrosis stage
 Cirrhosis23% (78/346)
 Non-cirrhotic77% (268/346)
 Unknown15% (62/408)
Liver transplantation3%
Current immunosuppressants (%)
 Mycophenolate mofetil18
Risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness (%)
 Over the age of 65 years16
 Asthma that requires the use of an inhaler12
 Severely overweight (BMI >40 kg/m2)12
 Prior cancer diagnosis9
 Diabetes mellitus type 28
 Chronic lung condition5
 Chronic kidney disease2
 Serious heart condition1
  • AZA, azathioprine; BMI, body mass index; 6-MP, 6-mercaptopurine.