Table 2

Differences in characteristics among patients with AIH with and without symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illness (n=420)

Symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illnessP value
Age at survey completion (years) (mean, SD)50±1252±130.57
Age at AIH diagnosis (years) (mean, SD)42±1545±150.89
Liver transplantation for AIH0%3%0.23
Tested for SARS-CoV-229%0% 0.0001
Rate of positivity (among those who underwent testing)43%Not applicable
Current immunosuppression (%)
 Any steroids44400.60
 Other immunosuppression beyond steroids* 87830.44
 No medications660.87
Risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness (%)
 Over the age of 658170.11
 Asthma that requires the use of an inhaler17120.34
 Chronic lung condition850.31
 Serious heart condition010.42
 Chronic kidney disease420.39
 Diabetes mellitus1270.20
 Severely overweight (BMI >40 kg/m2)2310 0.01
 African descent420.22
 Prior cancer diagnosis890.90
Doctor adjusted immunosuppressive medication in anticipation of pandemic2%2%0.92
House contacts with COVID-19 symptoms33%3% 0.0001
Occupational factors among those with jobs during stay at home orders (n=192)
n=21 n=171 P value
Close, frequent contact with coworkers or customers48%29%0.09
Interaction with more than 5 customers per day48%50%0.41
Interaction with more than 5 coworkers per day71%76%0.16
Work contacts with COVID-19 symptoms38%17% 0.02
Worked in healthcare setting29%16%0.17
  • Bold values are considered signficant (p<0.05).

  • *No significant differences according to individual immunosuppressant agents.

  • AIH, autoimmune hepatitis; BMI, body mass index.