Table 4

Attitudes and preferences of patients with AIH with and without symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illness

Symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illness
P value
Adhering to state’s guidelines (%)
 All of the time68.870.40.32
 Most of the time29.225.3
 Some of the time03.8
When state guidelines are relaxed, plans for protection (%)
 Change in medications or dosage420.39
 Use of a facemask in public81830.79
 Increase handwashing or use of hand sanitizer8392 0.06
 Cut down the number of working hours470.4
 Change job230.61
 Limit interactions with friends48560.31
 Limit interactions with family35340.83
 Limit entertainment outside of the home7789 0.02
COVID-19 test that detects active viral infection without physician order would make it easier to return to physical community.50%50%1.00
COVID-19 test that shows exposure and immunity without physician order would make it easier for return to physical community.85.4%82.5%0.62
  • Bold values are considered signficant (P value < 0.05)

  • AIH, autoimmune hepatitis.