Abstract #229 Table 1

Clinical and diagnostic summary of each case

Case No.Age/SexPeak CRP* Peak Troponin-I* Peak BNP**Admission ECGRT-PCR testing for COVID19Admission CRP and troponinDischarge CRP and troponin
1 16/Male CRP: 4.06 mg/dL; Troponin I: 4.76 ng/dL; BNP: 53 pg/mL Nonspecific ST and T wave abnormality and minimal ST elevation in the inferior leads V5 and V6 Not performed CRP: 4.06 mg/dL
Troponin: 4.07 ng/mL
CRP: 1.45 mg/dL
Troponin: 1.45 ng/mL
2 17/Male CRP: 6.10 mg/dL; Troponin I: 0.26 Right bundle branch block Negative CRP: 5.0 mg/dL
Troponin: 1.05 ng/mL
CRP: 4.06 mg/dL
Troponin: 0.45 ng/mL
3 14/Male CRP: 5.03 mg/dL; Troponin I: 7.61; BNP: 37 pg/mL T wave inversion in lateral leads and ST segment elevation in V2-V6 Negative CRP: 5.03 mg/dL
Troponin: 5.52 ng/mL
CRP: 4.04 mg/dL
Troponin: 3.68 ng/mL
  • *Serum CRP (normal range