Abstract #53 Table 1

Studies on the efficacy of intravaginal probiotics in preventing recurrent UTIs

First author’s last name, Year of Publication, Location of studyName of ProbioticDuration and frequency of usage (intravaginal)Number of Subjects and controlsFrequency of UTIs in subjects vs controlsP value
Reid, 1992, Canada L casei rhamnosus and L fermentum Twice a week for 2 weeks then once monthly 19 vs 21 21% vs47% p<0.05
Baerheim, 1994, Norway L casei rhamnosus Twice a week for 26 weeks 25 vs 22 Incidence ratio=1.4 95% CI=0.88 to 1.98 (p>0.05)
Reid, 1995, Canada L. rhamnosus and L-fermentum Once a week 1 year 55 subjects, baseline was control Episodes decreased from 6 to 1.6/yr p<0.001
Uehara, 2006, Tokyo L. Cirspatus (Lactin-V) Every 2 days for 1 year 9 Subjects, baseline was control Recurrences decreased from 5.0/yr to 1.3/yr p=0.0007
Stapleton, 2011, USA L. Cirspatus (Lactin-V) 5 days, then weekly for 10 weeks 50 vs 50 15% vs 27% p<0.01