Table 2

Vital sign, laboratory and discharge planning parameters of patients discharged following COVID-19 hospitalization based on subsequent 14-day readmission status

Patients without 14-day readmissionPatients with 14-day readmissionP value
Mean vital signs on discharge day
 Lowest systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)127.8130.20.07
 Lowest diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)72.972.20.4
 Highest heart rate (beats per minute)
Highest respiratory rate (breaths per minute)19.420.50.01
 Lowest recorded oxygen saturation (%)93950.14
 Highest temperature (°C)36.736.90.001
Mean laboratory values on discharge day
 Serum sodium (mEq/L)138.2 (n=599)137.9 (n=72)0.49
 Serum potassium (mEq/L)3.9 (n=599)3.9 (n=72)0.06
 Platelet count (103/µL)315 (n=546)253 (n=68)<0.0001
 White cell count (109/µL)7.9 (n=544)8.6 (n=68)0.39
 Neutrophil percentage64.2 (n=387)71.7 (n=44)0.009
 Lymphocyte percentage24.1 (n=387)16.7 (n=44)0.004
Mean last measured values during hospitalization
 D-dimer (ng/mL)1276 (n=730)1492 (n=66)0.22
 Procalcitonin (ng/mL)1.1 (n=742)1.13 (n=72)0.06
Discharge planning and disposition characteristics, n (%)
 Discharge instructions complete766 (88.4)31 (32.9)<0.0001
 COVID-19-specific discharge instructions provided570 (65.8)34 (36.2)<0.0001
 Follow-up appointment made568 (58.3)30 (31.9)0.002
 Home oxygen arranged128 (14.8)3 (3.2)0.0001
 Discharged to facility142 (14.5)46 (50)<0.0001