Table 1

Descriptive data for the 17 qualifying trials

SourceDrugDose, mgDuration, monthsParticipant
Mean age
(range; years)
Reid et al 22 Zoledronic acid5 mg 18 monthly72 months8/100012/100071 (≥65)European, Pacific, Asia
Black et al24 Zoledronic acid5 mg yearly24 months52/387588/386173 (65–89)Europe, America, Asia
Nakamura et al 20 Zoledronic acid5 mg yearly24 months2/3303/33174 (65–89)Japan
Bai26 Zoledronic acid5 mg yearly24 months12/24221/24157China
MaZoledronic acid5 mg yearly36 months8/32713/33355China
Reginster27 Risedronate5 mg daily36 months9/34411/34671European, Pacific
Harris19 Risedronate5 mg daily36 months12/81215/81569North America
Mcclung18 Risedronate2.5,5 mg daily36 months137/619795/3134≥70North America, Europe, Pacific
Recker et al 23 Ibandronate0.5 mg, 1 mg, every 3 months36 months13/191211/95067 (55–76)USA, Europe
Harris19 Etidronate400 mg daily,
2 weeks every 3 months
36 months1/2122/21165USA
Storm et al 16 Etidronate400 mg daily,
2 weeks every 3 months
36 months1/332/3368 (56–75)USA, Denmark
Liberman17 Alendronate5 mg,10 mg, 20 mg daily24 months1/5973/39764 (45–80)America, Pacific, Europe, Israel
Black25 Alendronate5 mg daily 24 months,
10 mg daily 24–36 months
36 months11/98122/96570 (55–81)USA
Cummings et al 15 Alendronate5 mg daily 24 months;
10 mg daily 24–36 months
36 months19/221824/221467 (55–80)USA
Greenspan et al 14 Alendronate10 mg daily24 months2/1634/16479 (≥65)USA
McCloskey et al 12 Clodronate800 mg daily36 months1/2926/30167UK
Brusmsen et al 13 Pamidronate150 mg daily36 months1/511/5065 (40–75)Netherlands
  • IHF, incidence of hip fracture.