Table 3


Location of varicesP value
Ectopic (n=25)
Mean (±SD) or n (%)
Esophageal (n=50)
Mean (±SD) or n (%)
Clinical outcome
Readmission for bleeding11 (44)13 (26)NS
TIPS (patients with cirrhosis only)14/21 (67)28/50 (56)NS
Hepatic venous pressure gradient
 Pre-TIPS (mm Hg)17 (±5)24 (±8)<0.01
 Post-TIPS (mm Hg)6 (±3)8 (±4)NS
Repeat bleeding after TIPS1 (7)1 (4)NS
Time to readmission, median (range), days87 (8–515)90 (3–775)NS
1-year all-cause mortality2 (8)17 (35)<0.05
  • NS, not significant; TIPS, transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt.