Table 2

Laboratory and clinical features

Location of varicesP value
Ectopic (n=25)
Mean (±SD) or n (%)
Esophageal (n=50)
Mean (±SD) or n (%)
Hemoglobin level, mean, g/dL7.47.2NS
Units of red blood cells, median transfused2.5 (1–37)2 (0–30)NS
MELD score (patients with cirrhosis only), mean15 (±7)20 (±9)<0.042
ICU admission (initial admission)11 (44)48 (96)<0.01
Octreotide administration14 (56)50 (100)<0.01
Prophylactic antibiotic use13 (52)50 (100)<0.01
Angiographic evaluation18 (72)
Evaluation with EUS6 (24)
Small-bowel enteroscopy3 (12)
Capsule endoscopy2 (8)
  • EUS, endoscopic ultrasonography; ICU, intensive care unit; MELD, Model for End-Stage Liver Disease; NS, not significant.