Table 4

Adjusted effect of statin use on each outcome

OutcomesPropensity score adjusted modelPropensity score matched model
RR95% CIP valueRR95% CIP value
Mortality0.96(0.75 to 1.23)0.7540.95(0.75 to 1.21)0.705
Mechanical ventilation0.91(0.70 to 1.19)0.5030.92(0.71 to 1.18)0.513
ICU transfer0.96(0.87 to 1.05)0.3950.96(0.88 to 1.04)0.345
O2 supplementation at time of discharge1.03(0.86 to 1.23)0.7291.06(0.90 to 1.26)0.458
  • ICU, intensive care unit; O2, oxygen; RR, risk ratio.