Abstract 150 Table 1
ReferenceStudy Type# of PatientsAgeOutcomeDose UsedOther Epileptic DrugsAdverse EffectsFollow Up TimeDuration of Study
Press, 2015Parent Survey753 weeks to 18 years57% some improvements; 33% had greater than 50% reduction in seizures; 0.3% had seizure freedomNot givenNone Reported44% including increased seizures (13%) and somnolence/fatigue (12%)Less than 6 months5.6 months
Porter, 2013Parent Survey192 to 16 years84% seizure reduction; 11% complete seizure freedom; 42% had >80% seizure reduction0.5–28.6 mg/kg/day63% tried an average of 12 other antiepileptic drugs before using cannabis. 95% experienced treatment-resistant epilepsy for more than 3 years before trying cannabis.37% drowsiness and 16% fatigueNoneAverage 4 months to see results
Hussain, 2015Parent Survey1175.5 months to 18 years85% had reduction in seizure; 14% had complete seizure freedom2.9–7.5 mg/kg/day8 failed medications prior to CBD exposure12.8% drowsiness, 29.9% increased appetite and 9.4% fatigueNoneChanges in seizure frequency were typically observed after 2 weeks
Maa, 2014Case Report1Started at 3 months end of studySeizures reduced down to 2–3 nocturnal seizures per month4 mg/lb per dayWas on clobazam but proved not effectiveNone ReportedReported improved behavior daily20 months
Saade, 2015Case Report1Started at 39 weeks until 10 monthsSeizures decreased from 10–20 per day to up to 9 days with no clinical seizures25 mg/kg/dayPhenobarbital, levetiracetam, carbamazepine,clonazepam,fosphenytoin. topiramateNone ReportedImprovements seen and noted daily10 months