Abstract 294 Table 1
iNO group (n=57)Control group (n= 455)p value
Birth weight
(mean, SD)
687, 240958, 295<0.001
(mean, SD)
25.5, 227.7, 2.7<0.001
Afrian American race96.4%83.5%<0.01
Male sex54.4%49%NS
SGA status33.3%26.2%NS
Antenatal Steroids96.5%92.1%NS
5 minute APGAR<417.5%12.1%NS
Medically/surgically treated PDA52.7%19.1%<0.001
BPD (O2 at 36 weeks)61.5%17.6%<0.001
BPD or Death74.3%26.5%<0.001
  • There was no difference in the incidence of ROP or NEC between the two groups